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Meet Our Team Deep experience and wide coverage of business verticals


Irena Zebič

Our founder with a beautiful smile and great business attitude who always aims high

Špela Burja

Accounting manager with an amazing portfolio of happy customers

Aljaž Zebič

Our CEO keeps all the operations smooth, always aiming for better performance and superb customer service

Ivana Prašnikar

Accounting manager with extensive payroll experience for local and global markets

How we work

At BetaFinance, we follow a client-centric approach. Initially, we engage in a detailed discussion to understand your unique business needs. Based on this understanding, we tailor our services to provide accurate and efficient solutions. Through each step, we ensure open communication and professional guidance, making the process seamless and enriching. Our aim is to simplify your financial journey, ensuring your business complies with local regulations while marching towards financial growth.

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